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If you require help with the ScoutsTracker application, please find the following resources:


Your McKenzie 210 group uses a web-based badge and event tracking application.  This application is important to parents because this is where all of our co-ordination happens.  Each parent will be given access to this application to collaborate on their youth earning badges as well as to co-ordinate when events are scheduled.

Each section (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Vents) and each night has their own database within the application.  Your youth's scouters will be placing important details about the activities they are scheduling and updating which badge requirements your youth has achieved.

It is important for you to log in to the application frequently in order to stay up to date on planned events.  It is also important to realize that your youth may work on badge requirements outside of scouting.  For us to know about which requirements your youth has achieved, it is your responsibility to update the appropriate checklists as "Ready to Demonstrate".  This signals to us that your youth is ready to prove that they have achieved the requirement outside of scouts and an update to the requirement as "Complete" can be made.  Once your youth have achieved all the requirements for a skill level or personal achievement, your youth is awarded the badge during a ceremony at the earliest regular meeting night possible.

The ScoutsTracker application can be found here:

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